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jv16 PowerTools v2.0.0.993 Beta 4 Portable

jv16 PowerTools 2011 v2.0.0.993 Beta 4 Portable | 11.3 Mb

jv16 PowerTools adalah Software mengoptimalkan keerja Windows sobat, Sistem Pembersihan dan Memperbaiki Kesalahan Utility Suite. Intinya adalah software membuat komputer sobat berjalan dg stabilitas dan cepat Pokoknya meningkatkan semuanya gitu deh heheh. Program ini Mampu  untuk menghapus jejak tersembunyi dari perangkat lunak sebelumnya dihapus, untuk membersihkan registry Windows agar kinerja windows sobat optimal dan stabil. jv16 Intinya PowerTools 2010 adalah tool yang mengoptimalkan, memperbaiki dan memelihara PC sobat yang berbasis Windows agar windows sobat berjalan cepat, aman dan bebas dari masalah.

With jv16 PowerTools you can:
Instantly make your Windows run faster and smoother, by disabling certain features which have no useful function and by modifying a few key aspects of the system's behavior.
Automatically clean your Windows registry from obsolete and unneeded data.
Automatically fix many kinds of registry errors, such as broken file references.
Easily uninstall leftover traces of software you have thought you have already uninstalled ages ago.
Detect and remove unneeded history data and MRU (most recently used) lists that can contain sensitive information about you.
Locate and delete unneeded files, including temp files and duplicate files.
And much, much more!

jv16 PowerTools has main tools:
• Clean and fix my computer (New feature!)
• Speed up my computer
• Control which programs start automatically
• Fully remove software and leftovers
• Verify my downloads are safe to run (New feature!)

Other Tools:
• Registry Manager
• Registry Finder
• Registry Find and Replace
• Registry Cleaner
• Registry Compactor
• Registry Information
• Registry Monitor
• File Finder
• File Cleaner
• File Recovery
• File Organizer
• File Tool
• Duplicate File Finder
• Directory Finder
• Directory Tool
• Software Uninstaller
• Startup Manager
• Start Menu Tool
• Automation Tool
• Service Manager
• System Optimizer
• History Cleaner
• System Cleaner
• Disk Wiper

New features found in the 2010 release:
* Greatly improved user interface
* Better user experience
* New Registry Cleaner Engine
* A one-click system cleaning feature called Clean And Fix My Computer
* An Anti-Malware feature
* Fully redesigned and easier to use File Cleaner
* And more features

What's New in jv16 PowerTools 2011 Beta:
Tag System - allows you to tag individual lines.
The Software Uninstaller has been fully rewritten. Both its ability to find software from the computer.
User Action History feature - allows you to see exactly what you have removed with the program in the past.
The Registry Cleaner now shows detailed information specific pieces of registry data was listed as error.
The Startup Manager is now fully compatible with msconfig. This means that you can use jv16 PowerTools to enable items disabled with msconfig, and vice versa.
Remove on reboot - feature in the File Tool allows you to delete protected or locked files during the next system startup (assuming the protection is not yet active).
Settings window now uses scroll bars in order to display all the settings with smaller window sizes.
Accuracy and safety improvements to the Registry Cleaner engine.

Supports: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Includes a full support also for 64 versions of Windows.

Home Page - http://www.macecraft.com



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