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Visualizer Photo Resize v4.5

Visualizer Photo Resize v4.5

Software engineering at its best. A powerful freeware JPG Photo Manager for resizing multiple and single digital images or movie frames. is a complete package for digital photographers and webmasters who wants to resize, improve and share photos fast and easy. With Visualizer Photo Resize you can achieve the results you want without any graphic or web experience, all you have to do is select an image folder and enter the resize ratio for your images and click Resize - it's that easy. Visualizer Photo Resize gives you one of the best and smoothest resize found on the Internet developed by our team of Software Engineers.

Visualizer Photo Resize will not only make it easier to share your work, it will also help you protect your work, using watermarks, copyright and contact information for your Web Albums. Read more about building your own photo albums on the Internet.

It comes with an image browser which allows you to browse through all your photos in your selected folder, and even lets you resize, edit, save and share single images. Read more about working with single images using Visualizer Photo Resize.



* JPG Batch Resizing and Compression (automatic Anti-Aliasing for best quality)
* Batch Resize frames from movies (convert AVI Single or Multiple frames to JPG)
* Batch Grayscale and/or Autofix colors
* Resize single images from defined 4:3 (Square) or user defined values
* Watermark Protection (text or JPG, PNG, BMP images and many other features)
* Web album & thumbnail templates (build your own photo albums - 4 skins included)
* Photo viewing and editing - Blur, Invert, Crop, Rotate, Zoom, Grayscale
* Photo improvement - Autofix Colors, Brightness/Contrast
* Capture images from any Digital devices (Camera, Webcam or Scanner)
* Movie viewing and management
* Thumbnail navigation (with menu option)
* Rename, Delete, Copy and Paste images
* Send as e-mail
* Resize folders and subfolders through Windows Explorer
* Zip & Send NEW!


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