Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

VBS Worm Generator 2.0

VBS Worm Generator 2.0 | 114.03 Kb

You need the microsoft Vb5 runtimes to run this program, and the Windows Scripting Host 5.0 too.

What's New:
* New code encription, fastet and smaller.
* Select the random words lenght
* New random words engine, added caps and numbers.
* File downloading an execution.
* Fixed more bugs
* Outlook script modyfication to avoid Avp Heuristic detection
* Mirc script modyfication to avoid Avp Heuristic detection
* Main script modyfication to avoid Avp detection.
* The sources have been modified to be just like the main ones.
* Added New vbs reg file to add the Vbs file type to the File/New explorer submenu
* Modyfied the SaveAs dialog, cause it was causing troubles in some computers
* Added setup!, made by me, so, it can have some bugs.
* Added welcome Screen. Thanx Pepe Lepu for the Picture!.

* Worm backup: It's just for having a copy of the worm in a safe place, so you can be shure that it will no be lost.
* Outlook Replication: Send as attachment: It uses the same function that all the vbs's, js's or any other kind of worm, it sends a message, that you can define, whit te worm attached to every preson in the user's address list.
* Send in html code: The worm is added to the html code of the message, so, when the person views it, they'e infected!
* Mirc replication: Search for mirc.ini(what means that the mirc is there) in the most commons floders(programfiles\mirc, c:\mirc, c:\mirc32) and if it is found, the worm create "script.ini" in that folder, that script make the mirc sends the worm to every person that join to a channel. (see "If found Mirc, infect.")
* Infect Files: The worm will search for all the hard drives (and the network drives too, i think) for files whit the extencion that you want(in this version only .vbs and vbe are searched) and copy overwrite him whit itself.

Selamat mencoba & Jangan iseng Buat Komputer Orang lain Kena Virus!


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